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Can CBD Actually Enhance Your Sex Life?

CBD and sex, is it a BS claim?

There has been a lot of crazy claims thrown about, is CBD and sex another? Not necessarily… Let us enlighten you. There haven’t been many studies but this is what we know.

It’s important to know how CBD works. A very brief explanation – CBD kickstarts your bodies endocannabinoid system (ECS), with receptors found all over the body. The ECS main function is to maintain balance across the whole body to ensure it’s working up to its maximum capability.

The research

An article published in 2009 in the Annals of New York Academy of Sciences, shows researchers have found ECS receptors in sexual reproductive organs, like testicles. 

Unfortunately, due to CBD marketing laws here in the UK, we are unable to make any claims or link any studies on CBD and Sex.

How might CBD help intimacy?

Cannabidiol can enhance sensation and make become more invested mentally, and when we all know when you’re really into it, it’s much better for both parties. CBD can easily be a substitute for the alcohol or other methods used to get the same result. Nevertheless, in the case of CBD balm, lube, gummies, or other product use, you will not suffer from fuzzy memories and hangover the next morning. And it’s safe to say you will sleep like a child after sex.

Ladies! Just a heads up, the cannabinoid receptors “responsible” for libido and the ability to achieve orgasms are found in the female reproductive tract. Binding with these receptors, CBD products help to enhance day-to-day pleasures and improve the inability to achieve orgasms.

You might find it makes a HUGE difference whereas a friend might say it’s no different. We’re sure there will be more studies around this topic in the future and we’ll be sure to share! In the meantime, nothing’s stopping you from giving it a try!

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Are there any drawbacks?

The main cause for concern is allergic reactions to the carrier component of CBD. Like MCT Oil, which is extracted from coconuts. Others report mild upset stomach, loss of appetite, and fatigue after dosing, but these symptoms are usually mild. 

We recommend stopping usage if any other the aforementioned symptoms occur.

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