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What Are Athletes Using CBD For?

Although CBD is a widely unknown and unexplored ingredient in the health supplement world, we’re seeing more and more athletes turning to CBD, but why?

Athletes believe it helps them to stay at the top of their game by:

  • Maintaining healthy sleeping patterns: Sleep is essential to recharge the body and brain, without it, you cannot perform to your maximum capabilities.
  • Sustaining healthy recovery times: Many things can hinder recovery times, ensuring they aren’t longer than needed allows the athlete to stick to their strict training programmes.
  • Support a healthy immune system: Stress and infection can have major effects on performance; CBD will keep your organs working to the best of their ability.
  • Mediates inflammation levels: CBDs main goal is to create balance throughout the body, allowing your body to function at maximum.
  • Balances your body: When your body is balanced it will be working at maximum capability ensuring peak performance.

Who is using CBD today?

You’d be surprised to know there are

Athletes from full contact to none contact sports are adding CBD to their training regimes. No matter the sports training will always take a toll on the body and joints. If you’re practising a specific swing in golf, a grapple in MMA or lifting weights, these activities will cause aching and your body will need to recover. This is why there’s not one singular sport which uses CBD it has potential across every sport and every walk of life.

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How much CBD do athletes use?

It’s common to think that athletes take high doses of CBD and in some cases, you may be right. However, this isn’t always correct. How much CBD do you think is ideal for athletes per day? 40mg, 60mg, 100mg?! Nope, it’s actually around 10mg – 30mg, we aren’t saying that if you start taking this much you’ll become an athlete. But, it does go to show that more isn’t always better when it comes to CBD.

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